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How to check whether Self-Aligning Ball Bearings are installed successfully


How to check whether Self-Aligning Ball Bearings are installed successfully

  After bearing installation, in order to check for proper installation, operation to be checked. Small machines can be rotated by hand to confirm rotate smoothly. Check the project due to dysfunctional nick, indentation caused due to poor installation, poor mount processing and the torque generated unstable moment due to the clearance is too small, installation error, seal friction caused by too large Wait. Without exception, you can start powering.

Power running, start from no-load low speed, slowly increased to a predetermined nominal operating conditions. Commissioning check matters as whether there is abnormal sound, self-aligning ball bearing temperature, lubricant leakage or discoloration and so on. If abnormal, should immediately suspend operation, inspection machinery, if necessary, to remove the bearing inspection

1. grouping

Installation and adjustment of the low noise bearings can also be emulated grouping long life of the bearing, so that interference with the more consistent size, the bearing clearance is also more consistent with the interference and you want to take a smaller value to the extent possible, to ensure that bearing raceway deformation is small, so that the rolling element caused by noise becomes small.

2, the relationship between the clearance big noise edit this paragraph back catalog

Ideally when the bearing is in operation the maximum temperature state, clearance values exactly zero. Analyzing excessive clearance methods are: a stationary state, the self-aligning ball bearing axial displacement, the larger the amplitude of its reciprocation, and a great and muddy noise during operation.

3, issued a shrill whistle Edit this paragraph back to the directory when running

If you issue nasty shrill whistling during the operation, then the bearing preload is too large, too large bearing preloaded, it should be slightly relaxed the degree of pretension. If the clearance is too large, it can make two bearing rings axially slightly relative deviation: only reduces the clearance, but also increases the axial stiffness, bearing noise can be reduced.

4, rolling edit this paragraph back to the directory when entering the area without loadRolling elements when entering the  zone will slip or no load for about ran, then it will increase the noise can also cause wear and tear, and small clearance and  large axial rigidity to eliminate this phenomenon. But the clearance is not too small, to avoid overheating and shortened  life expectancy.

5, the elastic constant pressure preload method edit this paragraph back catalogSometimes, because of the host's operating  temperature range is large, or the size of the shaft and the bearing hole of the discrete nature had made it impossible once  it is set to receive more appropriate clearance, in this case, can be reversed aligning ball bearing outer ring elastic constant  pressure preload method.Popular joint venture JV popular bearing and shaft for the transition joint venture, race and the  bearing hole of the gap joint venture. Bi-axial bearing rings should be fixed to the shaft, the shaft in order to avoid migration-related changes. Means measures bearing condition is under common axis changes the status of the majority, and thus the  inner ring and the shaft joint venture to win over the joint venture, bearing outer ring and bearing housing gap joint venture  is a joint venture.

6, the bearing unit, the first end surface of the dial gauge fixed in the enclosure edit this paragraph back catalogWhen the  bearing means, first dial indicator fixed to the end face of the enclosure, so that touch the head of the table in the upper  bearing shaft raceway bearing migration transition, while the migration shift while viewing the dial gauge pointer, if  the pointer deflection clarify shaft ring and the shaft is not perpendicular to the middle line. If the enclosure when the  hole deeper, longer can hone with dial gauge head. This is a good temper shaft washer and shaft intermediate vertical line of  approach. Bearing device installed backwards, not only bearing is not working properly, and each of the joint venture would be  subjected to severe wear surface. Since the shaft and the seat ring and the difference is not very clear, the assembly should be  presumptuous special careful not render upside down. The exact division means it should be able to take the initiative to  adapt to the rolling race rolling elements to ensure the rolling element raceway located up and down. In addition, should be  left between the seat and the bearing hole aligning ball bearing gap of 0.2-0.5mm for error compensation parts processing, device configuration inaccurate, when in operation center-bearing ring time shift, this gap may be adjusted to ensure that its initiative, avoid touching the friction to normal operation.  Otherwise, it will cause serious damage bearings.

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